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An Invisible City Autumn 06

If architecture is frozen music, then Boudicca found a way to thaw the song and give a concert on a runway.  The Fall 06 collection exemplified the way built form and classic architecture merge with costume and progressive fashion. The collection, titled ‘An Invisible City’, played out in black and white and seemed rendered with a computer generated precision that resonated from micro to macro detail.

Skin was at a minimum as models were covered neck to toes and floated down the runway to an impassioned piano solo.   Brilliant sculptural forms were created by manipulating pleats and busseled material. The formality of a suit was distilled to line and shape, and then layered to create an unexpected hyper-sexiness. Folded fabric created skirts so ultramodern and cinematic that they could have existed in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the craftsmanship was meticulous. Every cut, fold and seam appeared in suspended animation.   The brand maintained an inner feminine strength worthy of the name Boudicca (the great queen of ancient Britain) with allusions to the sharp tailoring of a soldier’s uniform.

The collection resonated a futuristic sensibility that touched lightly on our current cultural military environment. Femininity was subtle but apparent in fine lace details and a nod to the volumes of a ballerina skirt.    This is a label for a woman who mandates an everyday sophistication, and there is plenty of opportunity to fuse this collection into a closet full of this seasons hits.     Zowie Broach and Brian Kirby have channeled the essence of sculpted fabric and created a collection that moves with a women, but seems to be caught in a perfect, poetic moment at the same time.

Words by Michelle Auer.

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