“I always marvel at Boudicca’s frame of references. They have a genuine understanding and appreciation of the history of costume.  It's their historicizing tendencies (and intellectual posturings) that I find so exciting. Not only are their clothes expertly executed, but they possess a nobility and integrity of design that advances fashion as an art form.”

Andrew Bolton - The Costume Institute September 2005

“Nancy MacDonnell - Elle USA September 2005‘Each piece they design is a hybrid of their myriad influences, which range from nineteenth century French poets to modern art to punk rock.”

Nancy MacDonnell - Elle USA September 2005

Boudicca’s integrity makes a rag trade-to-riches story: “Boudicca stands for something rare in fashion: integrity and intelligence. An intricate geometry that created streamlined design, incorporating elements of decoration, from surface with sheen on leather to zippers raked askew.”

Suzy Menkes - International Herald Tribune 2003

“Close up, all their classy workmanship is a marvel to behold; but viewed with a less technical eye, it all spells S-E-X.”

Sarah Mower - www.style.com September 2003

“The theme was 'We sell disguises' and the skill with which pieces were integrated showed the designer duo, who have struggled for recognition and with their own aesthetic, winning their battle.”

Suzy Menkes - The International Herald Tirbune February 2003

“Boudicca stepped up the pace in London Fashion Week, to an all star front row including Isabella Blow and Anna Piaggi. Cut with precision and expertise; innovative, well-made clothing that you can wear – exactly what London Fashion Week needs.”


“The greatest pleasure for me was seeing how Boudicca, a fiendishly clever design duo, managed to transform their previously severe aesthetic into something wearable, romantic and even fun, without sacrificing anything of their vision.”

Colin MacDowell - The Sunday Times Style February 2003

“Extraordinary cut. Dramatic silhouettes. The sound of an audience bursting into spontaneous applause after an atmospheric build-up. Sounds like the good old London we used to know. Boudicca won the London season’s first ovation.”

Sarah Mower - www.style.com February 2003

“The laurels go to Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby of Boudicca. This was a brilliant show, in part because the clothes were much less conceptual than they have been and in part because Mr. Kirkby and Ms. Broach worked hard to invest every garment with emotion.”

Cathy Horyn - The New York Times February 2003

“Londres reste le berceau de la fantasie debridee: deux talents du cru demontrent qu’on peut y trouver plus encore, et pour suivre une recherché contemporaine sur la structure et elegance. C’est le cas du duo Boudicca – marque encore in- trouvable a Paris.”

Paquita Paquin - Liberation September 2002

“B is for Boudicca, which has sealed its status as one of the most respected labels in only a couple of seasons. Its serious, conceptual style and beautiful tailoring captured the attention of even the most conservative buyers.”

Pippa Holt - The Sunday Times September 2002

“A Boudicca piece - whether an asymmetric satin skirt, a kimono dress with a caped top or a dinner jacket with the lapels fused into the jacket and the tail lopped off square - is recognisable by its formality, dignity and presence.”

Sarah Mower - www.style.com February 2002

“In homage to the early British warrior queen for whom the label is named, many of the clothes were dyed 'woad' blue - the colour of the war paint that she used. The severe tailoring and complex dressmaking, meanwhile conjured a couture vision of the ‘50s, as filtered through an early ‘80s electro-pop sensibility. The gowns, in taffeta and old fashioned brocades, featuring the most hard edged use of eyelet embroidery so far this season had the look of mid-century haute couture pieces.”

Hamish Bowles - www.style.com September 2001  

“Designers Zowie Broach & Brian Kirkby approach fashion in a very cerebral way; their collections are never all style and no substance, featuring sharply tailored and subtly detailed pieces that are beautifully thought out and fitted and pressed to perfection.”

Lucy Ryder Rihcardson - www.vogue.co.uk September 2001

“With Hussein Chalayan defecting to Paris, it was up to Boudicca to carry London’s conceptual flag. The duo followed last season’s strongly architectural collection with a spring show titled 'It pays my way but it corrodes my soul'. Symbolising the anonymity of the corporate world, looking chic in their squared shoulders suits and dresses with corset silhouettes and ruched sleeves.”

WWD - September 2001      

“This season has a lot of energy’ says Ms Collinson general manager of Barneys NY, praising amongst others, Mr McQueen & Boudicca’s designers Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby.... 'Designers are still taking risks here' she says. Few more so than Boudicca. Their superb show combined strict tailoring..... they have an original point of view & their workmanship is impeccable.”

Cathy Horyn - The New York Times February 2001

“The city is big on imagination and conceptual clothes, but not so great at turning them into a buck. There were intriguing shows such as Boudicca’s poetic body sculptures that occasionally morphed into something wearable, beautiful.”

Suzy Menkes - The International Herald February 2001

“In a musty 19th Century Hall in London, the design team Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby produced one intricately layered outfit after another, jersey dresses with high suede cuffs, black waterfall ruffled dresses with gold metal bands. Parts of the presentation were pretentious, but London fashion feeds off such conceptual ideas. With the absence of Hussein Chalayan this season, Boudicca filled the demand.”

WWD - February 2001

“Boudicca stands for what makes Britain great: A passionate creativity that uses strangeness and beauty to ignite…”

Susan Irvine - The Fashion September 2000

“The woman who wears Boudicca is fanatical about tailoring and will only entertain the very best – perfectly executed and ever more complex in design; a regulation man’s shirt mutated into a sexy knee length dress; quite the most accomplished trouser skirt this reviewer has ever seen. Boudicca has the technical know how to make it all seem effortless.”

Susannah Frankel - The Daily Telegraph February 2000

“One of the best shows in London this season, Boudicca pulled off the strangest mixture of influences for a collection that was as sharp as it’s shoulder lines...”

Lucy Brown - International Textiles Sepyember 2000

“By focusing on what the exterior denotes about the interior, Boudicca is turning fashion inside out...”

Nylon - April 2000

“The Label explores a sombre elegance with razor-sharp cuts and leather forms...”

Vogue UK - February 2000

“What do you collect and why?: Boudicca, because these are the clothes I wear in my dreams. The ones where you are running in the dark for hours when you become aware of a clashing noise. You look down and realise your dress is made out of knives.”

Aurora Shulman - i-D The Elevator Issue.

“There is love and generosity and strength on these clothes. Like their creators…Boudicca are two extraordinary, unconventional talents emerging at the end of a very conformist era..”

Bethan Cole - i-D The Romance Issue

“Tight arse bitch trousers, skirts laced tight to the hip then released into a stiff A-line and a bright, white dress, it’s bodice moulded in strips, it’s skirt full and feminine, were testimony to the fact that there is no need to compromise style in order to sell clothes.”

Susannah Frankel - The Observer September 1999

“Boudicca, the conceptual couturiers with a penchant for restrictive clothes which challenge preconceived notions of form and function.”

Laura Craik - The Guardian September 1999

“..gloriously non-conformists.”

Cathy Horyn - The New York Times October 1999   

“it’s the history of the clothes that become immortal. How little choice there is, how little room there is to express individuality. Give me an immortal outfit any day.”

BLUEPRINT - October 1998

“Rake thin models spooking around, bedecked in Boudicca’s sinister, yet strangely beautiful finery and headpieces.”

Jo Ann Furnis - Sleaze Nation April 1998

“Their conceptual collections feature precise focused tailored details that always make you think once .....then look again.”

i-D - February 1998    

“Up four flights of steps, Brian of Britain and his partner Zowie Broach showed their line Boudicca with innovative pieces like a deconstructed ball gown of silver silk.”

Amy Spindler - The New York Times September 1997

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