…………….an exploration and documentary of ourselves and the world we live in.

The collections from B O U D I CC A are stories, short scenes from films, that at times are simple and reference the obvious, at others become complex and ill fitting. The modern paranoia of human life, the beauty and the vanity of modern life, the anger of another, the fake lies that we are told and the real truths we forget...

It’s an unspoken language, that garments have; more function than just covering the body. There is an intimate relationship formed between the wearer and the garment that Boudicca demand to be examined.

Boudicca’s design reflects this demand, this journey, this social documentation, taking into account an emotional response to the system that is life. Boudicca strive to see a future of people wearing clothes that express a person’s feelings and emotions to the world they exist in. Not clothes as escapism , but of expression. A constant evolution between light and dark, hot and cold, hard and soft, right and wrong, day and night, male and female, rich and poor, fast and slow, now and never, forever and ever .

“Art is dead, long live Fashion”
Max Ernst.


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